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May 2017: new full-length album "Isolation":

Lovingly hand-crafted blissed-out electronica, filtered through a smudged & mossy window...

On Bandcamp; on Soundcloud





July 15th 2017: limited edition CD of the "Isolation" LP released:





24th November 2016: the long wait is over - the new mini-album "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response" is now available here.

"Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a euphoric experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine, precipitating relaxation." (Wiki)

A reverb-drenched wash of distorted-guitar-like sounds on many of the tracks here - paying homage to the ethereal, atmospheric sounds of the revered 4AD label. Then ASMR-triggering voices & sounds are overlaid to achieve further layers of atmosphere...



7th December 2016: limited edition CD, with extra tracks. Get it here.



June 6th 2016: New full-length album "Machines Taking Over".

June 21st 2016: now available as a limited edition CD - get it here.




February 14th 2016: New full-length album "Lysergic Dreams": an album of purest ambient glide, conceived as a companion-piece to "Lysergic Space"...

February 18th 2016: Now available as a limited edition CD - get it here.





December 15th 2015: New full-length album "Lysergic Space": exploring the delights of lysergic acid diethylamide...


January 8th 2016: Now available as a limited edition CD - get it here.


July 17th 2015: New full-length album "Subconscious": Deep-level headtripping...


October 20th 2015: fantastic review for "Subconscious" at

"Don the headphones. Cosmic Mind Warp’s Subconscious is one of those albums you want injected directly into your noggin..."

Full review here.


July 24th 2015: Now available as a limited edition CD - get it here.







May 2nd 2015: New E.P. "Maasai Loops": Six deeply textured, visceral, pulsating tracks based around sampled & looped chanting from African Maasai tribes.








March 8th 2015: New full-length album "Subatomic Particles": A hallucinogenic head-trip through the strange microscopic world of quantum physics, explored through the medium of psychedelic spacey electronica!








March 20th 2015: new 4-track E.P. "Killer Philosophies"

featuring often bizarre interview footage from famous serial killers.

Don't try this at home!






"Zero Beats Per Minute" album reviewed at - the Ambient & Electronic review site:

"...Zero Beats Per Minute works very well as an ambient listen, particularly in its softer tracks. But this is one you need to get up close and personal with. The depth of sound is excellent, as is the overall dynamic. The music here slowly carves out well-detailed spaces for you to look around with your mind's eye..."   

Full review here.




                Older things...     

Rami Dahud from reviews 2007's "Songs for the Uninvited" album:

"...Cosmic Mind Warp's production capabilities...resonate with the emotions of the listener just as competently as it suddenly tosses them in the middle of the strange, undiscovered landscapes of the freakish worlds they create. 

“A Sort of Greenish Haze” uses vocal samples to set up a theme of alien exploration, and sets in tune with beautiful textures that expertly compliment each other, resulting in the crowning stand-out of the whole album. 

“Dark Matters” also carries the album out on an appropriate note, with its droning background synths sustaining their way through its foreboding overtones...Although this may be titled “Songs For The Uninvited,” enthusiasts of the unclassifiable outlandishness that bellow up from the catacombs of electronic music will feel very much at home... 





From CD Baby:

"This music is different! It catches you unawares; it’s saying something to you but in a subtle way, working through another dimension, stimulating the unconscious mind." (Review of "Songs for the Uninvited" album by George Martinez, CDBaby)



Phil @ Norman Records reviews "Songs for the Uninvited":

"Yes there are 'other things' instead of the crap you're told to like by journo's and the major labels... So here's something you won't find in your local branch of HMV and you (shamefully) won't hear it on the radio.

A new CD by COSMIC MIND WARP which is 100% lush melodic electronics choca with random samples and some well crazy sounds. Thankfully it's all very coherent and you'll be pleased to know I think its ace. They say they're heavily influenced by Severed Heads. I've never really heard much by 'em but Ant here is a fan and he can hear it in their music...Heartily recommended."


"I don't think weird is a sufficient adjective to capture the abstractness of your work!" (Rami Dahud from


"Your tunes up on MySpace are brilliant, so I'll be checking out your
website for more!"
(Eddie from "Zog Welinski's Day Off")


"ほか,Cosmic Mind Warp "Radio Moscow Call-Sign"なんて曲,

そして"The Kremlin Groove Boys"という,トホホなナマエのグループ" (from a Japanese person)



From MySpace fans:

"...i love your music! so many varieties in each song...and I love them ALL!"
~valerie (MySpace)

"Lovely songs... :)

"Great reflections through your music. Great work."   (MySpace)

"very nice melodic tunes***keep following the cosmic mind warp flow :-)***"  Marie (MySpace)

"Nice electronics Cosmic Mind Warp."
-Clarity and the Brothers P (MySpace)

"mmm... like a clouds..." Mayu (MySpace)



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